Bellevue’s District 35: 10 Projects

There’s a lot happening in Bellevue these days, with projects big and small coming online. The projects listed below are in Bellevue’s District 35 or affect the residents of District 35. Check them out below. We’re also sending periodic updates by e-mail, so enter your e-mail address to the right to stay informed!

Bellevue Project Map

1 Westbrooke Pointe

Highway 70 at McCrory Lane
Single family homes
Site plan approval for this neighborhood of 69 homes was graned in March 2023 based on zoning approved in 2003. No additional information is available.

2 The Reserve at Harpeth Lake

Former Quarry on McCrory Lane
Single family homes and amenities
A proposal is forthcoming that would preserve the former quarry as a lake alongside around 130 single family homes and accompanying amenities built around the natural features. The proposal would require a rezoning.

3 Exit 192 Improvements

McCrory Lane and I-40
Road improvements
State funding with a local match has been secured to make $28 million in improvements to this interchange. The plan calls for the widening and realignment of McCrory Lane, a realigned westbound off ramp, realigned eastbound ramps, a new westbound loop, and new traffic signals.

4 Poplar Bend Apartments

McCrory Lane south of I-40
Apartment homes
345 apartment homes are being built as part of the Biltmore Planned Unit Development approved in 1985.

5 Apartments

McCrory Lane south of I-40
Apartment homes
251 apartment homes are being built as part of the Biltmore Planned Unit Development approved in 1985.

6 Stephens Valley West

Pasquo Road south of Highway 100
These 47 townhomes are under construction. This is part of the Stephens Valley project approved in 2012.

7 Platinum Storage

Learning Lane at Collins Road
Storage Building
This business is currently under construction. The plans call for an all-brick building surrounded by a wrought iron fence and sidewalks. The previous zoning allowed a bank and was changed in 2018 to a use that generates significantly less traffic.

8 James Lawson High School

Former HopePark Site
New high school to replace Hillwood
This new, $151 million-dollar school will open in August. Learn more.

9 Bellevue Bend Revamp

Land across from the soccer fields
Apartment homes and amenities
The proposal to build apartment homes, complete the greenway, add sports fields, add park access, and raise Coley Davis Road above the 2010 flood level is currently being considered by the Planning Commission. Learn more here.

10 Sterling West Apartments

Charlotte Pike west of River Road
Apartment homes
These apartments are being built under zoning approved in 2005.