When you elected me in 2015, I laid out four specific goals for my term:

  • Bring a high school back to Bellevue: Land purchased, construction to begin
  • Protect the character of the community: Turned away incompatible projects
  • Keep the community informed: Monthly newsletter reaches 10,000+ residents
  • Support the development of One Bellevue Place: Community center opening soon!

Looking ahead, over the coming years, I plan to:

  • Complete construction of Bellevue’s high school
  • Continue work on infrastructure, including implementing Old Harding Pike plans
  • Enhance public safety

Looking Out for You Every Day

A councilmember’s most important job is responding to his constituents’ needs and it’s critical that he do it well.


From ripping out drywall and bleaching crawl spaces after the flood to volunteering at civic events to co-organizing a wildly successful library fundraiser, Dave was active in helping the community prior to being elected to office. He’s continued to work to solve issues large and small during his term in office.

A Positive Direction for Bellevue

This is an exciting time for the Bellevue area, and leadership wholly focused on representing our interests has been essential.


Dave has been a champion for the type of development that our community wants and a firewall against that which would harm the community’s character. Implementing commercial property standards, bringing new amenities, and fighting for better infrastructure are just some of the ways Dave has fought to make our community even stronger.


Intensifying Public Safety

Bellevue is a fantastically safe place to live, but when there are issues we need to know that Metro Police can respond adequately.


Metro Police’s response to the flood demonstrated their incredible capacity to protect our citizens. But more can be done to ensure that Metro Police have the capacity to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion when issues of safety pop up.

Opposing Landfills in Bellevue

When substantial efforts were made to develop landfills in our neighborhoods over the past several years, our neighborhoods stood up against them.


Twice since 2006, outside groups came close to putting landfills adjacent to neighborhoods full of families. It is critical that our councilmembers stand up to attempts to place unpleasant and property value-destroying trash heaps in our backyards.


Fighting for Our Schools

Bellevue’s schools are on an upswing, and Dave has been laying the groundwork to continue that momentum


A public school parent himself, Dave worked tirelessly to secure approval of a new high school in Bellevue that will further strengthen our lower schools. The work to fund the full project continues, as do efforts to ensure adequate resources and facilities for our elementary and middle school students.

Acting Responsibly with Tax Dollars

Nashville has a tight budget, and Dave has been there to ensure that our tax dollars are properly spent.


Dave has worked to increase government efficiency, remove unnecessary and costly regulations, and ensure that Metro demonstrates responsibility with our tax dollars.