Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to represent you. This was a big team effort with many of our District 35 neighbors contributing their time and resources. I’d like to pass along some thank yous, lengthy as it is:

* My wife, Allison, and sons, Brandon & Justin. The campaign meant a lot of time away from them and I look forward to getting to eat dinner together more, read more bedtime stories, and go on adventures with them again.

* Aunt Gay. I’d love to know how many people Aunt Gay walked up to to find out whether they live in District 35 so she could sing my praises. She was also probably the only octogenarian who spent so much time knocking doors and standing at early voting in the Tennessee heat.

* Mom, Dad, and Family. My deepest thanks to all the support from family in middle Tennessee, Georgia, and beyond.

* Bo Mitchell. I have a much greater appreciation for the work Bo does that we never hear about, including efforts on behalf of constituents that never get publicized and things we’d only notice if he didn’t do them. His guidance and efforts have been invaluable and I’ll be looking to Bo to ensure a smooth transition.

* Lonnie Spivak & Vic Lineweaver. Campaigning takes a LOT of time. It takes a LOT of energy. And it takes a LOT of dedication. No candidate in this race worked halfheartedly. I’m also thankful for the chance to get to know Lonnie as we spent time at the polls. We had a really good time. As I’m glad to have more time with my family, I’m sure Lonnie is happy to get to spend more time with his wife and daughters and Vic with his family, including his new grandchild.

* Bellevue Elected Leaders. Our local electeds were all helpful, whether that entailed an encouraging word, insights into particular issues, or outright endorsement. Sheri Weiner, Amy Frogge, Steve Dickerson, and Charlie Tygard, thank you.

* Our First Responders. Our firefighters and police officers are incredibly dedicated to our community. In addition to being so appreciative of the work they do, I’m grateful for their support and for helping to educate me on opportunities we have to make our neighborhoods safer. I look forward to working on that.

* The Education Team. Many thanks to the teachers, parents, and advocates who care so much about our schools and worked for the campaign. There’s a lot of good happening in Nashville’s schools and I look forward to helping to tell those stories and fiercely support Bellevue’s wonderful schools and the people that make them work.

* The Campaign Team. Wil, Chastity, Jen, Matt, Alex, friends, neighbors, and folks from across the community who offered their time, voices, and expertise, thank you!

That’s a long list and it doesn’t even cover everybody, but there’s one thing every one of these subjects has in common – they’re part of the Greater Bellevue COMMUNITY. Our corner of the world is a special, special place with unmatched attributes and potential, and I look forward to working with everyone to make this an even better place to live, work, and play.