Video: Developer Announces Plans for Bellevue Mall

Crosland Southeast, the developer that owns the Bellevue Center Mall property, announced plans for the property at a meeting on November 13. The meeting, hosted by Councilwoman Sheri Weiner and Representative Bo Mitchell, drew approximately 650 community members to Cross Point Church. Those in attendance heard from a Crosland Southeast representative and a Hawkins Partners (Nashville-based landscape architecture firm) representative, each of whom discussed what the property might look like and the process and timeline for getting there.

The meeting began with an introduction by Councilwoman Weiner and Representative Mitchell, after which Crosland Southeast’s Tim Sittema introduced his company and some of their other projects. He and Hawkins Partners’ Kim Hawkins then discussed the Bellevue Mall. Some highlights:

  • The Bellevue Mall sits on 75 acres and featured approximately one million square feet of retail.
  • Sittema said that the mall died for many reasons, among them too much retail for the market.
  • The new project calls for 602,000 square feet of commercial space.
  • The new project includes a center with a main street running through it, a four- or five-story hotel and restaurants near the entrance, traditional retail, movie theater, multifamily housing on 18 acres near the back, and possibly office space. Ongoing negotiations with the Predators might bring in a practice facility and associated amenities.
  • Letters of intent are being signed for the residential and retail.
  • By splitting uses between retail and residential, they can have 600 fewer parking spaces, which allows for more landscaping/walkability including a 1 1/4-mile walking path and walkways throughout the property.
  • 40-foot tree-lined buffer will exist along Sawyer Brown with either a 30-foot buffer or a 15-foot buffer with an 8-foot wall along the back side of the property near Westfield.
  • Both the main street and the street coming from the Esterbrook entrance will be streetscaped.
  • Plans will be sent to Planning Commission this year and will be heard by the Commission in early 2015. Metro Council will hold a public hearing around March with the PUD amendment in place later in the spring.
  • Forecasting timing beyond that is difficult, but they expect to be in the demolition phase in late 2015 at a cost of $3 million to $3.5 million with the project complete in 2017-18.
  • Crosland Southeast will be seeking Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Here’s video of the meeting. The video camera’s battery died during the Q&A.

0:00 Introduction by Councilwoman Weiner and Representative Mitchell
7:50 Introduction by Crosland Southeast’s Tim Sittema
10:50 Sittema discusses Crosland Southeast and its projects
21:10 Sittema discusses plans for the new development
27:30 Hawkins Partners’ Kim Hawkins discusses plans for the new development
35:23 Hawkins continues zoning process
36:13 Sittema makes closing remarks
37:00 Sittema: “Why is nothing happening?”
38:48 Sittema: “What companies are coming in?”
39:38 Sittema: “When’s this going to happen?”
40:38 Sittema: “Is there a public investment?”
44:54 Question: “Is there a movie theater? What about Sears?”
46:43 Question: “Are there walking paths within the development?”
49:50 Question: “Will the natural buffer between the property and Westfield be preserved?”